National Conference on Equal Employment Opportunity Law: Unraveling of the Regulatory State

Event Start Date:
April 6, 2019
Event End Date:
April 6, 2019
Event Venue:
Coral Gables, FL

David S. Fortney will moderate a panel of subject matter experts on regulatory reform proposed by the Trump Administration, a full description of the presentation is below.

Regulatory reform and changes to address the ever-expanding regulatory state have been a top priority for the Trump Administration. These regulatory roll- back efforts are taking place across the government, including executive orders requiring federal agencies to repeal two regulations for each new regulation issued, as well as to determine whether any rules and regulations are outdated and no longer apply, and whether the burdens the agencies are imposing outweigh the benefits. Within this climate, OFCCP has issued no new regulations, and EEOC’s attempts to publish guidance on workplace harassment have been pending with the Office of Management and Budget and not authorized for publication. These regulatory reform efforts also are reflected in sub-regulatory guidance and litigation positions, including amicus briefs filed by the U.S. Department of Justice supporting a baker’s religious rights to not provide a cake for a gay couple’s wedding, and challenging Harvard University’s affirmative action student admission programs – both illustrating roll-backs of the Obama Administration’s positions. This panel of experts will discuss these developments and their impact, as well as what the future holds for workplace discrimination standards and EEO enforcement as the regulatory changes continue.

David S. Fortney, Fortney & Scott LLC, Washington, DC

Terri Guttman Valdez, Terri Guttman Valdez LLC, Coral Gables, FL
Jenny R. Yang, Open Society Foundations, Washington, DC

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