Pay Equity Speaking Engagements





     Name of Presentation

Austin ILG Winter Meeting Mickey Silberman January 9, 2018 Austin, TX

Pay Equity Is “Comp”licated

SHRM Employment & Legislative Conference Mickey Silberman March 12, 2018 Washington, DC Pay Equity Is “Comp”licated
Institute for Workplace Equality Spring Conference Mickey Silberman March 22, 2018 San Francisco, CA Conducting a Proactive Pay Review
Midlands ILG Meeting Mickey Silberman July 19, 2018 Omaha, NE Pay Equity Is Getting “Comp”licated
BLR Webinar Consuela Pinto & H. Juanita Beecher August 1, 2018 Webinar Pay Equity Audits: What to Do Right Now to Correct Disparate Compensation Practices to Minimize Legal Risks
ILG National Conference Mickey Silberman August 2, 2018 Anaheim, CA Getting Pay Equity “Right”
New England ILG Autumn Meeting Mickey Silberman September 12, 2018 Waltham, MA The Massachusetts Equal Pay Act – What to do? How to Comply?
SHRM – Rhode Island Annual Conference Mickey Silberman September 13, 2018 Warwick, RI Getting Pay Equity “Right”
Institute for Workplace Equality Fall Conference Mickey Silberman October 4, 2018 Denver, CO State Pay Equity Laws
HR Association of Ohio Annual Conference Mickey Silberman October 9, 2018 Columbus, OH Getting Pay Equity “Right”
2018 American Employment Law Council Conference Consuela Pinto October 12, 2018 Palm Beach, FL The OFCCP and Compensation
World at Work Mickey Silberman & Consuela Pinto November 14, 2018 Chicago, IL Pay Equity: Understanding Legal and Regulatory Requirements
HR Comply 2018 Conference Mickey Silberman November 16, 2018 Las Vegas, NV Pay Equity is Getting “Comp”licated
American Society of Employers Mickey Silberman December 12, 2018 Detroit, MI Getting Pay Equity “Right”
BLR Webinar Mickey Silberman January 23, 2019 Webinar Pay Equity Audits: How to Proactively and Strategically Protect Your Organization in Light of New, Aggressive Equal Pay Laws
World at Work Pay Equity Symposium Mickey Silberman & Consuela Pinto March 28, 2019 San Francisco, CA Pay Equity: The Changing Legal and Regulatory Landscape
World at Work Virtual Classroom Mickey Silberman & Consuela Pinto April 11, 2019 Webinar Demystifying the Pay Equity Legal Landscape 
Washington Area Total Rewards Association David Fortney April 18, 2019 Herndon, VA Pay Equity – State of the Current Art
Future Workforce: Compensation and Benefits Summit Mickey Silberman May 20, 2019 Austin, TX A Patchwork of Pay Equity Laws: Understanding the Legal and Regulatory Landscape
American Society of Employers Compensation & Benefits Conference David Fortney May 21, 2019 Novi, MI Getting Pay Equity “Right”