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FS’s Next Weekly Briefing – Legal and HR Challenges

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Employers face a multitude of legal and HR challenges in successfully managing the workforce while navigating the multiple state and local restrictions and understanding the newly enacted legislation in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It now is more important than ever that employers ensure that their employment policies and HR practices are up to date and effectively implemented. Join FortneyScott and WorkPlace HR for our COVID-19 Weekly Briefing on Monday, April 13 from noon to 1:00 pm ET as we address the legal and HR challenges, including:

  • Strategies for successfully implementing the new federal paid sick and family leave enacted in the Family Friendly and CARES Acts;
  • Best practices for effectively managing workers working from home, including tracking hours worked and monitoring performance;
  • Understanding the employers’ duties to provide a safe workplace, and responding to employee concerns relating to the workplace and the health of other workers; and
  • The critical role for legal and HR in implementing new legislation and regulations, and working with the employers’ key stakeholders.

Our subject matter specialists, including a highly experienced employment lawyer and HR consultant, will provide helpful tips and practical insights.

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