DoD Seats Section 809 Panel to Advise on Streamlining and Improving Defense Acquisition Process

Pursuant to Section 809 of the National Defense Authorization
Act for Fiscal Year 2016, the Department of Defense (“DoD”) has provisionally
seated a Panel (“Section 809 Panel”) to review and make recommendations for
streamlining and improving the DoD acquisition process and maintaining defense
technology advantage.  The Section 809 Panel seeks to address the
overarching question of “How would we restructure our business models [DoD’s Business models] to enable a rate of innovation that
would allow us to maintain and increase our technological dominance?” 
including: (1) what significant changes could be made to make the process of
doing business with DoD faster and more efficient? (2) How does DoD change
business models to include emerging technology and adopt new business
approaches? (3) What are the barriers to flexibility and innovation? (4) What
key areas does industry see as most prohibitive to business–technologically
and financially?  A portal is being established so the public can submit
comments.  The Panel is holding meetings to engage the contracting
community in identifying and potentially addressing significant areas of
concern.  It also plans to establish task forces to analyze each of the
identified areas and to develop recommendations for inclusion in a report to
the Secretary of Defense.  The Secretary then will provide his comments
and the Panel report to Congressional committees.

 The American Bar Association Public Contract Law Section (“ABA
PCLS”) submitted comments in response to the questions raised by the Panel in
these initial outreach efforts. Click here to view the comments as

If you are interested in further information on this Panel, please contact Susan Ebner, Shareholder at FortneyScott.