GAO Issues Long-awaited Report on OFCCP

The Government Accountability Office (GAO)
issued its report on OFCCP
entitled “Strengthening Oversight Could Improve Federal Contractor
Nondiscrimination Compliance.”  The GAO
concluded that although most of the agency’s compliance evaluations ended in a
finding of no violation, the OFCCP’s process for selecting contractors is not
designed to focus on contractors most likely to be noncompliant.

As a result the GAO says the OFCCP should:

  • Change contractor
    selection process so contractors chosen based on their risk of noncompliance;
  • Develop mechanism
    to monitor contractors’ compliance with AAPs on regular basis;
  • Improve outreach
    and compliance efforts to improve contractors’ and employees’ understanding of
    AA and equal employment requirements;
  • Provide uniform
    and continuing training to OFCCP staff; and
  • Assess current contractor
    guidance for clarity.

GAO provided a copy of the report and its recommendations to OFCCP, the DOL
indicated agreement with the GAO’s recommendations and the agency agreed to “take
additional steps to strengthen oversight and improve compliance with nondiscrimination

additional details, or if you would like to discuss how this report could impact
your OFCCP compliance, please contact your FortneyScott attorney.