Register for FortneyScott’s April 27, 2020 COVID-19 Weekly Briefing Returning to Work under the Federal Guidelines

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During this Weekly Briefing, the FortneyScott attorneys and WorkPlace HR consultant will focus on the evolving issues employers face in planning for their employees to return to work. On April 16, the President announced Guidelines that include three phases for “Opening Up America Again.” The next Weekly Briefing will focus on preparing for Phase One under the new Guidelines.  We will address best practices for compliance with the President’s and the CDC’s guidelines, including social distancing plans, temperature checks, and contact tracing.  As with our other Briefings, we also will provide updates on key legislative and policy developments impacting the workplace, and address FAQs.

If you have any questions that you would like to have addressed during the Weekly Briefing, please submit those via email to

Previous FortneyScott Weekly Briefings

If you were unable to attend the earlier FS Weekly Briefings, you can access them below.

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Please forward this information to those in your organization who could benefit from these Weekly Briefings.

FortneyScott is based in our nation’s capital, and we are staying on top of the rapid developments relating to the coronavirus.  We are continuing to advise our clients and to assist the employer community in successfully addressing the COVID-19 pandemic challenges that employers are facing.