FortneyScott’s May 18, 2020 COVID-19 Weekly Briefing – Responding to Key Legal Challenges Employers Face

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During this Weekly Briefing, FortneyScott’s attorneys will discuss the most recent developments and updates, and also address some of the key legal challenges that employers are facing, including:

  • Liability claims and possible legal safe harbors that are being debated;
  • Wage and hour compliance challenges, including whether temperature checks and additional pre- and post-work COVID-related activities are compensable, and exempt employee considerations;
  • Layoffs for employees that are not being called back, including WARN obligations and best practices to minimize disparate impact claims under Title VII; and,
  • Administering the new paid sick and family obligations.

This briefing is the eighth in the weekly series that FortneyScott offers to inform and assist employers in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you have any questions that you would like to have addressed during the Weekly Briefing, please submit via email to

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Please forward this information to those in your organization who could benefit from these Weekly Briefings.

FortneyScott is based in our nation’s capital, and we are staying on top of the rapid developments relating to the Coronavirus.  We are continuing to advise our clients and to assist the employer community in successfully addressing the COVID-19 pandemic challenges that employers are facing.