Panel to Hold Public Meeting on Federal Procurement and the Future of Bid Protests

The Section 809 Panel will hold public meetings at the
Panel’s offices in Rosslyn, VA on August 14th (Team meeting) and August 22nd
through August 24th (Panel and Stakeholders meetings) to discuss bid protests of Federal procurements
generally, and to specifically examine whether and to what extent the current
bid protest processes at the Agency level, U.S. Government Accountability
Office, and U.S. Court of Federal Claims should be continued and/or

If you are interested in attending the August 14th meeting, please contact Susan Warshaw Ebner at


809 of the National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2016, as amended, requires
the Department of Defense (“DoD”) to convene a panel of acquisition experts
from Government and the Defense Industry to research, review and make
recommendations for streamlining and improving the efficiency and the effectiveness
of the defense acquisition process, and for maintaining and increasing DoD’s
technological advantage (the “Section 809 Panel”).  The Section 809 Panel is continuing its
efforts to reach out to the public for specific input and recommendations to
address its designated goals this summer and continuing into the Fall.  For more information on the Section 809 Panel
and its reports, please click here.

If you are interested in learning more about the
Section 809 Panel’s work and the public bid protest meetings currently
scheduled, or have questions about Federal government contracting or the protest
processes, please contact the head of our government contracts practice, Susan
Warshaw Ebner,
 Please share this update with members of
your organization who have government contracting responsibilities.